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    Opinions and thoughts on Avid bearings.

    Looking to upgrade the bearings to Avid bearings. Any thoughts or opinions?

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    Avid is good. But, so is Acer, and Boca...although, Boca is on the expensive side. Between my current 6 vehicles, the 3 Traxxas vehicles are still running the stock bearings (tho I do plan on replacing them, probably with Acer or Avid. As for the other 3 (2 TLR, 1 XRAY), 1 is running Boca, the other 2 Acer.

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    Bought nothing but Avid for the past seven plus years.
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    It used to be hard to find good bearings for a reasonable price. But nowadays it is hard to get less than great bearings if you just avoid the cheapest stuff available.

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    They are fine.

    I usually just buy the Team Fast Eddy bearings, not the cheapest, but I can get the whole kit for like $20.... ends up being about $1 a bearing. some people trip out about cleaning, waxing, all that, but @ $1 each, I will just replace them when needed.... Even if I did a new set every year, that's cheap....

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    I love Avid. Good bearings, good price. The revolutions are nice, because of the rubber seal only being on one side. Run them rubber side out. Clean up is easy and replacements cheap.

    I also ran a full set of their $5 ceramics in a Tamiya Mini. Really amazing for the price, but I’d stick to metal for a dirt oriented vehicle.

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    I've been running Avid bearings since 2013 and I've never had an issue with them. Great quality and price.
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    I cannot tell anyone about any particular brand of bearings. I always go with the cheapest I can find and run them hard. I have never noticed a difference between Traxxas bearings and the ones I get for cheap.
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