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    Best Charger for traxxas 3s & 4s lipos?


    While the weather here in Ireland is crap atm I'm looking at adding upgrades including chargers etc. I'm currently running two 3s traxxas lipos and have two 4s lipos ordered. Which would be the best Charger to go for please? I'm very impressed with traxxas atm and can't see me leaving the brand anytime soon. Based on this I'm happy to invest in a traxxas charger preferably charging 2 lipos at once.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    If you want to stick with traxxas, then the EZ Peak Live Dual is likely the only option worth considering for 3S and 4S packs:

    Personally though, I'd go with something that's a bit more informative to help gauge the life of your packs. Like 2 ISDT Q6 Pro chargers, or a hefty Revolectrix GT500 Duo and a 24V PSU.

    Or something a bit more simple, 200Wx2/20Ax2 SkyRC Ultimate Duo.

    I have a hitec D7 which is 200Wx2/20Ax2 as a secondary charger to my 4x100W dynamite. If you want to stick with 1C charging, a 100W charger is fine for 3S up to 9000mah, 4S up 6500mah, 6S up to 4500mah. But if you want to charge faster, then more watts/amps will be needed.

    So far, I only run at most 3S 6200mah packs. While I can't charge at 2C on my 4x100w, they still charge from storage in about 30 minutes.
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    I think the ez peak live dual is the only traxxas charger that can do dual 4s batteries.

    Personally I’ve been happy with the traxxas chargers, even the non-live ones. Yes they’re basic, but they’re crazy simple to use and they do their job well. I like the ID system built into the traxxas batteries and I don’t want to change out plugs on all my batteries and trucks so I stay with the traxxas stuff too.

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