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    2WD Stampede, with Slash LCG chassis

    Here’s what I’ve got.

    A few older, all original, 2wd Stampedes (okay, they’re on the way still)
    A Slash 2wd LCG chassis, with steering bellcranks.

    How much of the Stampede will swap over? Will I essentially end up with a super wide Slash 2wd LCG?

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    Just about everything. I think you will need a new body and mounts.

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    Only the rear will be wider. I like the Stampede rear arms on a Slash!
    The front width is the same. The bodymounts are the same.
    You may need the Slash steering links if not alreadt on the bellcrank.
    Remove the front chassis brace and undo the steering links at the steering blocks.
    Undo the bulkhead and everything transfers over.
    At the rear, remove the chassis brace and undo the front of the shock tower.
    Everything transfers over.

    I'm about to do the same but in reverse. I'm turning a LCG Slash into a Stampede!

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    Cool. Thanks. I went through the exploded parts diagrams and traxxas is pretty smart about reusing pretty much everything. It appears, as you mentioned, the rear arms are very slightly wider. Front body posts are different, too. So, it looks like if just be building another 2wd Slash. I’ve already got one of those, so I guess I’ll just leave it as a Stampede.
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