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    Protecting clipless body and under carriage

    Does the T-Bone Racing Roll Cage do a decent job protecting the body during flips / roll overs? I would like to minimized the body getting whacked and cracked.
    And for the bottom of the chassis does the 62195- TBR Chassis Skid everything on the bottom or do I need addition skids?

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    I would get the bumpers and the skid as well as the roll cage

    This is my x-maxx with armor

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    Best way to answer this is, the chassis skid uses 6 screws, 3 on each side. I can tell you that it doesn't cover any of the rear bullhead. Here's a drawing showing the chassis skid, as well as how to mount it. Using the diagram, and looking at the bottom of your Rusty, you can easily figure out what it protects.

    The front bulkhead (as well as the front bumper used in the photo) uses 5 screws, of which the two rear-most area also the two front mounts for the chassis skid. Knowing that, if you look at the other 4 screws used for the chassis skid, you get an excellent idea of it's area of concern.

    As a "side note", if you were to also order the TBR XV4 front bumper, installing the 2 rear screws with the bumper over the chassis skid (ie. exactly as shown in the photo), then you'd be protecting the chassis, as well as the front bulkhead, leaving only the rear bullhead (the area needing the least protection) exposed. This is exactly what I've done on one of my Rustys. Here's what mine looks like:

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