Well, I heard the first signs of clicking on my new(ish) to me Merv tonight. I still finished the 2s pack I was driving on ( driving conservatively, but if I Gave it anything harder than an easy roll on from a stop or low speed I heard a ratcheting click noise.the sad thing is I just had the cases split to replace the diff case bulkheads since one of the screw holes that holds the rear tie rods was stripped out. While I was in there I cleaned and applied a light coat of grease and inspect everything. All the mesh looked done at the time and I would
Have considered shimming it while I had it apart if I had the shims in hand at the time .
So right now the truck is driving, but I know the diff is “going” but not dead yet.
I already have a serviceable outer ring gear in the spare parts from the prod opus owner.
Now, when I dive in and fix up the diff, do I just rebuild it with a new gear and old internals, or upgrade to the Hot Racing diff? ( I have heard good things about this setup.
Also, while I’m ordering the shims, does anyone know offhand what size or part number shims to use on the Axels to “corner shim”the car? My rear wheels have some wobble that shimming the Axels will take care of