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    Can not stop the car

    Hi, I am using the computer to drive my Slash 4x4 Platinum edition. I replaced the original ESC with a VESC, the FocBox. The computer continuously sends messages to the VESC to navigate the car. Once the computer stops sending the message, the car will stop immediately. Today, I found, however, it was no longer the case. Even when I stoped sending message, the car continued to move, just at a slower speed. I checked my computer software, there was nothing wrong. Could this be a car mechanical problem or a VESC hardware problem? When you guys drive the car with remote control, did this happen?

    Thank you very much.

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    I don’t know about the computer’s transmitter, but when using the Traxxas system, if the transmitter’s Throttle Neutral Adjustment switch is set to 70/30, that can happen. May also just be your throttle trim settings.

    Good luck!
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    The motor is still receiving power to spin and it’s doing what it is told. You’ll need to look at your programming. Yes the truck may be Traxxas, but asking questions specific to non-Traxxas parts is not allowed. Those manufacturers should provide support for the products you bought from them.
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    Hard to believe it went from stopping all by itself to not stopping all by itself. Because without "drag brake" to stop the Slash it should just roll to a stop. You have to go from throttle on to reverse on to have any form of stopping to occur without a "drag brake" set.

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    Your programming is messed up.

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