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    New Xmaxx owner! Gearing suggestions. Please and thanks!

    Okay so I picked up a like new/used xmax snapon 8s, with the 5000 mAh 3s set.

    Ordered a bunch of spare parts and recommended upgrades. Here's where I'm at now...

    I ordered HW max6 ecs, i see good things about it and much smoother... Now I wanna keep running 6s, but better higher capacity ones for sure (I'll get an 8s set later), but for bashing 6s is plenty for me...
    That being said... I wanna change gearing with no heat issues. I hear a lot of people running like 20-22 and 46 with no issues. What do you recommend?

    Xmaxx Red /white Snap on edition
    BADLANDS Tires
    RPM rear hub with oversize bearings and new bigger pins
    Max6 ECS
    Stock motor (will consider upgrade no prob)
    3s5000 x2

    Any other upgrade recommended?

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    IMO they are great

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    Why run 6s? It’s ready for 8s.

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    I think stock gearing will suit you without heat issues, considering your lowered voltage. I wouldn’t invest in more 6S batteries, you’ll just leave them on the shelf when you try 8S

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    Have you run it stock yet?
    I'd get used to it stock first so you'll know what upgrades you might want and what difference they make, good or bad.

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