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    Steering issues - help!

    Let me just give you guys the full run-down:

    Bought my 4-tec VXL very lightly used from a trusted friend, it ran really nice and didn't have any issues other than a little pull from side to side when accelerating fast. I replaced the radio just because I'm not a fan of the TQi system and had no issues with that either.

    I tried to improve the steering just a little bit better for speed runs buy installing the Traxxas sway bars, GPM front and rear stabilizers.

    Then everything goes to crap. Car shifts from side to side and spins out very often when accelerating, almost impossible to get it back to full speed like before. I made adjustments to the GPM parts and sway bars with no luck.

    Took the GPM parts off, no change. Took the sway bars off, no change. So now the car is back to bone stock and it is still driving very sensitively, and my steering trim is EXTREMELY touchy as well. I have no idea what to do now.

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    I've had good luck with filing the front knuckles so the axle stubs don't rub on them. The axle anodizing wore off with the first run. It makes the car much more fun and predictable I think.

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    Mine the same thing as to wable under acceleration. Tires can do that if the rears are worn more than the front, as to a smaller tire will spin faster than a large one at the same speed.
    Also I've noticed the rear carriers have a lot of play in them. I tried the GPM carriers and they are junk, but tightened up the rear well. They were mismachined at the bearing area, Most likely I'll try Hot Racing. $29 though

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    Did you wreck it or roll it after you changed the stock radio out? Have you tried putting the stock radio back in it it and tested with and without TSM on?
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