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    Nitro Slash Tuning Questions

    Hi Guys

    I purchased a second hand Nitro Slash.
    Been unused for a few years, I had my doubts and swore never to buy a nitro again, but I got it for such a cheap price I could not say no. Plus we already own two Electric Slash 4x4's so who could say no in having your favorite RC car in nitro version as well, even if it means it just sits on a shelf.
    Pretty much paid more for a gallon of fuel than what I paid for the car.
    Cleaned it nicely and checked the engine, initially I could not spin the flywheel under the car by hand, but after spraying some inox lubricant, and leaving it overnight, flywheel moved and it felt like it had a very good compression. Removed easy start, checked the con-rod bearing etc.... all looked good.

    Anyway, I have always found tuning a nitro required some sort of magical skill, or at a few years of good quality education....
    We owned a Nitro Red Cat Earthquake before from new, and I could not tune the car at all, sold it after a few weeks and went battery.
    The TRX 3.3 I found much easier to tune, or at least I think so. You see I am just never sure I have the car running properly.

    First thing I did is restored both needles to factory setting. HSN four turns out, and LSN screw flush with the end of the slide.
    Car was initially very hard to start up, I had to replace a NiMh battery in easy start with a lipo.
    Started the car and HSN was just too rich, so I leaned it until the car ran very nicely and there was quite a bit of blue smoke coming out.
    For me the biggest problem is knowing whether LSN is set properly.
    I did a few passes around the backyard for about 5 mins, brought the car back, pinch the fuel line and car shuts off after 1 sec. This is a sign of a lean LSN, but how can it be when its back at factory break in setting? I pinched the line asap when the car stopped.
    Measuring the engine temp with a laser gun it was over 80 degrees Celsius.
    Temp outside is about 13 degrees.
    If I pinch the fuel line when the car has been idling for about 10 seconds, then the car will rev up and shut off in around 3-4 seconds.
    There is also fuel sputtering trough the exhaust pipe, not a lot, but a few small drops.
    The idle screw I left at about 0.7 mm open, and haven't touched it.
    Also engine is quite hard to start from cold, I have to have easy start on for about 7 seconds, but after that it idles well when cold.

    Please help me configure the LSN needle.
    Am I running too rich on the LSN, as I noticed the fuel tank did not last long at all.

    Some videos of the car running!AuKPb81w0u47lFLZ...IcuEU?e=KyKAkP

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