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    thoughts on proline trenchers LP?

    Hi guys, kinda bothers me how pricey rc tires are, but I was browsing the traxxas forums and found out about the proline LP wheels and tires. Replaceable 12 or 17mm hexes, and lower profile. I primarily run on pavement, gravel, dirt and short grass...

    I'm not sure if they're too heavy for the rustler vxl either.


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    I don’t know about the LP tires, but I ran the “normal” 2.8 trenchers on my old Rustler Vxl . They performed great, but they are a bit heavier than stock. I would use a smaller piņon with them for sure.

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    I tried a set of the Proline 2.8 belted trenchers on my Bandit the other day for some fun!! Haha what a kick, 1/8 throttle wheelies! pretty funny really.

    Otherwise in all seriousness, I have a set of 2.2 Trenchers on RPM Revolver wheels that work great on my Bandit with 2.2 Dirt Hawgs out front. Not sure about the LP 2.8 Trenchers though, Ive been wanting to get a set for another ride. Size looks to be pretty close to the same for the 2.2 Trencher T and the 2.8 Trencher LP with the LP being slightly taller and wider per Prolines specs.

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