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I want to run a single 4s or 6s battery, what system should I use with that? I heard good things about the kraton BLX 2050 system?
For the weight of the truck, the 6S arrma system (BLX185/2050kv 4074 motor) will be severely overkill for the stampede 4x4, slash 4x4, rustler 4x4, but you likely won't have to even give heat a second thought.

If I were to run 4S in my stampede, that's likely a system I'd try, but I really don't want to beef the truck up anymore than it is to run 4S in it reliably. I try to gear mine and run a system in it that I can easily run it hard for 25 minutes without overheating it in the grass on 3S. That said, I still may just give up on the Max10sct esc, get a 3670 2800kv (if I can find one), grind the chassis to fit the motor and put a blx185 (or some other similar 150A esc) so I can run it and not have it shut down on me. It's just a bit of a pain fitting that size of motor and esc in the 4pede.

So, for now I live with the max10 sct/hobbystar 3665 3100kv motor in it and try to not do a lot of WOT runs in the grass. It's just hard to limit yourself after bashing around a 6S truck or two for an hour.