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    SMP LiPo - which connector for older Slash 4x4?

    I have an older Slash 4x4 and need to get a few new Lipos. Looks like SPC is no longer on business so going to order some SMC Lipos. I see now they have options for different connectors - not sure which connector I need to order for this older Slash. See photo of what I currently have.....which connector do I need to order?
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    It looks like a standard Traxxas connector to me. If SMC has an option for standard traxxas connector or traxxas legacy connector that’s what I’d for for. What are their options?

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    Those are 1st Gen Traxxas connectors. The "Traxxas" option from SMC is 100% identical. The great thing about batteries with the (older) 1st Gen connector is that they can also be plugged into the newer vehicles (ie. vehicles with the 2nd Gen iD connector).

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