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    Question Melted spur gear

    Iíve recently upgraded my Stampede 4x4 brushed with used Velineon motor and ECS.
    I run 2s with 13/54 gears and the motor gets really hot - much worse than with old brushed Titan.
    Also, pinion gear gets so hot it melts spur gear after 5 minutes of run.
    I replaced motor bearings with the new ones - nothing changes.
    I heard that gear mesh might be a problem, but I believe I made it right - inserted a notebook paper between gears when installed motor, same thing I did before with brushed motor.
    Also, I tried 11t pinion, which didnít make any difference.
    Without motor, all wheels and everything spins very smoothly.
    What else can I do to make it run for longer?

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    I would check the mesh for sure. With notebook paper you just want to very lightly press the pinion onto the spur gear. You should be able to pull the paper out and not rip it doing so. A lot of guys set the mesh by feel. You can try this as well. You donít want it tight that is for sure.

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    A melted spur is not the result of motor heat, but of excessive slipper clutch spinning. You almost certainly need to tighten the slipper clutch a little, but Iíd be surprised if you havenít also glazed the pads or disk, which may then require replacement too.
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    Thank you very much for your help!
    @222 - you was right, my gear mesh was too tight. I loosened it by hand, without paper and now it is not hot and the truck runs much quieter!

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