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    Question Esc mount for third party esc?

    Hi folks. I bought a 4x4 pede off ebay for my son. It was originally a brushless vxl but the owner replaced the stock traxxas esc and motor with an aftermarket combo (radient). They fashioned a new esc mount out of some type of plastic, may even be a discarded piece of lexan. It will get the job done but I'm curious if there's a more professional aftermarket mount for these situations? I've done some googling but all it turns up is replacement mounts for slashes and other vehicles that already have such mounts. Any advice?

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    Honestly in those situations, it’s easier to just take any piece of thick lexan or thin-ish plastic piece and get drilling with a power drill. As long as you can mount it to the chassis and then mount the ESc on it, that’s all that matters.

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    RPM makes mounts for for ESCs for multiple vehicles . I know they make them for castle creations ones but not sure what else. Otherwise , what he said above.

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    I usually use a piece of carbon fiber and 3m outdoor mounting tape. Screw my plate to either existing holes in the chassis or make new ones. You can pretty much just drill a real small hole, smaller than the hardware you intend to use and just thread it right in. Mount ESC to plate with the tape. STRC makes a universal plate for the slash, not sure if it lines up in the stampede.

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