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    Newbie. Rustler 4x4 vxl

    I just purchased the Rustler 4x4 vxl this past Saturday with 5000 mah 3s. (11T)

    After running it for the first time, I drove it until it stopped. Didnt notice any change in speed or anything to give me a clue that the battery was dying.

    So I went back Sunday and the place I purchased it recommend fans so i got the motor heatsink cooling fan and another cooling fan (3340).

    Drove it Sun, Mon & Tues and it did the same thing, just stopped after a while.

    When it stopped before the fans were installed I tried to turn it off and it wouldnt so i have to unplug the battery. After the fans were installed it also wouldnt turn off by the button but now with fans installed they were still running.

    So my question is do I let the keep the fans running for a while or still unplug the battery ?

    I ordered some parts that should help me track the temp and voltage and stuff to go with the app to help me get a better idea of temp and battery level.

    2nd question. I noticed while cleaning it out from running on grass that the turnbuckles, rear and front left can be moved and rotated a bit but the front right, neither can be moved at all.

    The shop i purchased this from isnt opened until Friday so I want to make sure if the car can be driven or sit until friday due to the turnbuckles ?

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    Honestly, i wouldnt worry about it not shutting off when you dont press the button. It wont harm your rc one bit. If the battery is completely dead to the point where you cant move and only turn the wheels, then you just unplug the battery. At any point you can stop and press the button but DONT freak out if it doesnt turn off. Just unplug the battery and your all good.

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    With lipo you DO NOT run till it will not run any more. Make sure that you are running low-voltage detection and stop running when it hits it. Let the battery cool then either storage charge or fully charge (if running right away or soon).

    The ESC will turn off as long as low-voltage has not been hit. Once it has triggered you cannot use the button to turn off - just unplug it.
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