Iím confused as the vagueness of Category Headings. Because I Have a 1st Generation, A.K.A. 1.0....?

That Said in Technically Terms, the important part of avoiding Confusion is Grossly being over looked. Because the. ( Design)/Drive Train Layout/ Model/ Version.) I donít even know how to distinguish them, as far as where to post ?s applicable to the important part of fixing modifying, or improving.

Case and Point. Pretty sure I have a E-Revo.. It has Left and Right bulkheads. Did the L & R Bulkhead Drive Train layout come Brushless in any Package from Traxxas?

If Iíd did,,,,,,, then maybe......just maybe, it would make sense to change the Heading Titles on this Forum so posted ?s are put in proper place according to Drive Train compatibilityís?

Just Saying? Call me silly