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    Rustler VXL Motor Compability

    Dear Friends ,

    I am aeromodeller guy for 25 years but don't know much about model car.

    I bought a Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless NEW with Velinion 3500 a few years ago just for fun, and it looks like the motor shaft has come loose inside the rotor . The motor spins, but the shaft does not. Very low time on it .

    I am looking for a good and cheap engine to replace , plug and play style, shoot one and put the other ...

    I'm from Brazil and we have very few options here ... a new Velinium cost more then U$120 here .

    I found this one :

    Tekin Redline Sensorless 632 Brushless Motor (6T/3200kV) 540 size

    But can't find shaft diamenter and don't know if fits my Rustler .... don't know if this "sensorless" will be a problem with my factory ESC ....

    I run 3S LIPO setup ...

    Can anyone help me ??

    THANKS !!

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    Based on it using 3M mounting hardware and its can size plus pictures I have seen it looks to be 3.17mm(1/8th inch) shaft. The factory esc only can run motors in sensorless mode. Sensored motors/esc have an additional small cable between them.

    I also found this:
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