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    Controller suggestions needed...

    Which controller is best for my tmaxx 2.5R. I am getting ready to convert over to the 3.3 engine so which controller should i buy? Any recommendations, links?
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    What's wrong with the one you have now? If it still is AM switching to a 2.4ghz will be an upgrade(can also get with telemetry). Do you have reverse? If you do you need a 3 channel setup.

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    It all depends on what you need out of the transmitter. Need some more info as to what you need for Channels. 2 channel, 3 or even 4 or more channels. Futaba makes some darn good radios, as well as spektrum, sawna, and even the traxxas ones are okay. They just lack the distance compared to the futaba line. If you donít need to run out at over 4-500 yards, a traxxas 3-4 channel TX/RX setup should work just fine for you. If you feel like having a really good transmitter then look at the futaba like, the 3pk or 4pm/pk line. They cost a more, but they are great transmitters.

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    If I were to start over, I'd like go with the Futaba 3pv. Enough features for most bashers. Good quality and a long range. If I needed more than 10 model memory, I'd go with the 4PM.

    As it is, I have a spektrum dx5c. It does the job, but the range isn't that great with DSM2 receivers and I don't notice it much better with DSMR receivers. 150-200 yards at most. Really though, that's further than I can comfortably see anyway.
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    Many people are quite happy with the features of the newer 2.4 ghz Traxxas radio systems
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    Just my $.02. I don’t run my TMaxx 2.5 as often as My electrics, but so far I have found the RTR traxxas 3channel 2.4ghz more than adequate. My only complaint is the one I got ( used ) has the old apple 30 pin style docking station do that makes using the functionality of the traxxas app a little more involved and bothersome.
    But actual radio response of the actual TX and RX are more than fine.

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