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    Looking to buy maxx

    After much back and forth between summit, e-revo, e.t.c I'm fairly certain I want a maxx. I have a few questions though. Firstly, who is a reputable traxxas online retailer with fair prices? Secondly, what battery and charger are recommended? The completer package from traxxas or another brand? What breaks on these vehicles and what parts should I swap out before they inevitably break (common stuff, not case by case) or worthwhile upgrades to look into? Mods?

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    Purchase directly from Traxxas, Amain hobbies - etc
    At least a 50C 5000mah lipo with traxxas plug -
    be plenty on eBay + chargers
    5 in 1 battery balancer / checker
    Steel axles will be needed

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    You can try your local hobby shop too.

    Widemaxx kit and steel driveshafts are a must have. Other than that it's a beast! Great truck, you won't be disappointed.

    The traxxas batteries are overpriced. Lots of other options out there, just pay attention to the dimensions.

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    Wide maxx kit and steel drive shafts are only mandatory is you don’t like how the monster truck drives and want more of a erevo style truck. Mine is running stock arms and plastic shafts on 4s power have only broke one axle yet and it was under 20$ to replace and I beat the **** out of my truck. I do believe if you go wide the plastic axles are weaker and the steel is the way to go but that’s another 300$ in the truck for the axles and arms that could buy you 3 battery’s and give you hours of run time. My 2 cents

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