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    I created an app to help this community find & share bash spots!

    TL;DR: RC Bash Finder is available for iOS here! Android coming soon. Please add your favorite bash spots, and don't be shy about giving feedback!

    Hi there!

    You might remember my post from a few months ago saying that I was beginning work on RC Bash Finder, an app to help the RC community find & share bash spots and tracks. I'm super excited to announce that the first version is now available for iOS in the app store! (Android coming soon!)

    I kept the first version super simple -- I think the app will be most useful if it's driven by community input as much as possible, so I wanted to get it into your hands as soon as I could!

    You'll notice that there are only a few bash spots in the app right now -- this is where I really need your help! Getting more bash spots into the app will really help to make RC Bash Finder a great resource for RC drivers, so if you give the app a try please add your favorite spots!

    As I mentioned, I'm really keen to get your feedback and use it to create something great -- feel free to message me here on the forum, email me at, or use the feedback feature in the app to let me know what you'd like to see. If you're really excited about this, let me know and I would love to chat with you from time to time to bounce ideas around!

    To give you a sense of what I have in mind for the app, some features I may build next include:
    * getting more data into the app (RC tracks, BMX tracks, & parks)
    * user comments on bash locations
    * "checking in" at a bash spot so others can see you're there
    * showing weather conditions at a bash location

    Have other suggestions? Let me know!

    Get the app here!

    I'm having a blast working on this. Thanks and happy bashing!


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    I DL the app this morning. It looks pretty decent from what I’ve seen of it

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    Looking forward to the android version!

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