Hey everyone. I have a friend who has an E-Maxx brushless. He's had it for a few years. I've personally stuck with my Stampede 4x4 and eventually converted it to a Slash 4x4 Monster Truck so that it would be a bit "closer" to the size of an "1/8th scale" vehicle. My friend is deeply concerned now that his truck is basically "abandoned" since the new "Maxx" truck was introduced.

I'm concerned, because my friend really loves his truck. I have to agree with him however that it looks to have been replaced by the Maxx. Should this be a signal to him that it's time to move on or should he stick with using the E-Maxx brushless? Many parts on his E-Maxx have already been upgraded to stronger after-market parts for what that's worth, but he is still sticking with the original brushless electronics, which I believe are similar to what is still sold with the E-Revo.