so, i was running my rustler 4x4 vxl on 3s and where doing some high speed action, then suddenly it just died. when i got the body off, the esc blinked green and the receiver blinked red and then went black.
so... i searched the web for the answer including this forum. and everybody, everywhere, where very good at reading the manual and tell people with a green flashin esc that the throttle was of and thats the problem.
well, no. not in my case.
the esc seems to blink green also when there is no receiver connected or it's "off/dead/not responding"
long story short.
the water proof receiver box in traxxas is not to be trusted if you dont seal and glue and so on...
it can take a splash but not more.
i opened the receiverbox, pryed out the receiver and tok it apart. there where moisture.
from the heat when i was driving corrosion happend and at one point it shut off in some sort of protection
it was all white under the electronic card, that caused a short. i carefully scraped the white of.
and now the car works fine

sorry for long text for solution writen by a swede :P