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    What Springs for GTR's?

    Lost an endcap this weekend so I'm using that as an excuse to upgrade my shocks/springs. Planning on going with the GTR shocks but which springs are good to run with them? Can you use the stock ones from a brushed 4x4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RustlerRookie View Post
    Can you use the stock ones from a brushed 4x4?
    Nope, the GTR shocks are a larger diameter, and thus the springs from the "Ultra Shocks" (stock on the Brushed and Brushless Rustler 4x4) will not fit.

    When I did the upgrade to GTR shocks, I picked them up on Ebay from one of the many 'chop-shops' that exist. I ordered the GTR shocks from the Slash ultimate (since the slash and the rustler share suspension components, I knew they'd work), and they came with springs (the traxxas 'black dot' ones). The Slash Ultimate shocks and springs fit my Rustler 4x4 nicely, and did a fine job. I did notice that I was running a good deal of spring pre-load, however, and decided to go for the VG Racing GTR springs. The spring rate is not listed, but they are a progressive winding, and seem stiffer than the Traxxas Black-Dot springs.


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    How do the Rustler 4x4 and Slash 4x4 compare weight wise? I have a Slash 4x4 Ultimate and use the VG springs mentioned above. Perfect fit for my modded(heavy) Slash. The Revo variable tuning kit for the GTRs is also a great(cheap) upgrade.
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    Another vote for what Dcuda has recommended above. Been running the VG Racing springs for a while on a stock slash 4x4 and heavier version. Absolutely love them.

    Just started experimenting with the revo variable dampening pistons and they seem great too. Been running the RPM variable pistons in the plastic shocks for years and like the response. The revo kit in the GTRs seems a similar improvement so far.

    If they donít come with the captured spring retainers from the UDR already they fit as well. Part 8455

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