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    Want to do a street build bandit.

    I want to do a street build bandit VXL. I'm starting with 2.8 banditos or G Locs. Does anyone know which lasts longest? That's really all I care about at this point. It's starting to get excessive, I've been running 2.2 banditos and they die in about a week. Do you guys think that I could get away without changing gearing? What other upgrades do you recommend for a street build? Thanks!

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    What I your end goal
    Go as fast a possible
    Speed runs on the street
    Small curb jumps etc etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountOmar63 View Post
    What other upgrades do you recommend for a street build? Thanks
    I would get RPM A-Arms, and probably RPM shock towers also. It can be easy to do a cartwheel on the street, and that can snap the stock A-Arms like twigs. If the vehicle lands upside down, it can really kill that front shock tower easily. I would recommend the larger RPM front bumper also. It adds weight, but that weight is in the VERY front which helps keep the front tires on the ground when running on a high-traction surface (such as the street).

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