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    What do I have to do to get my slash vxl 4x4 to do a wheelie. I run on 2s 5000 25c battery. The car is stock but I am putting on her shocks soon.

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    3s and good tires is all you need.

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    If you don't want to shell out $100+ you can just change the gearing and buy some tire prep. Some good tires would help alot more. Shocks should be last on the list. If you are running the Ultras just buy some metal caps and some TiN coated shafts for much cheaper.

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    tighten your slipper clutch...... I did wheelies way back before my truck was modded

    now it will wheelie at any speed, and I can't even get to full throttle because it will lift

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    You don’t need a 3s battery. Here are some ideas.

    Gearing - a smaller pinion will provide more torque to the drive wheels.
    Tires - the right tires for the surface (something slicker for pavement, knobblier for grass/dirt) will plant the power more.
    Suspension - look back at drag racing history for this. Front end jacked and rear soft to allow that weight transfer.

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