Hey everyone! I wanted to share a new project I've been working on. It's based on the Slash conversion I did last year but it's got some improvements based on things I learned on that last project.

This time around I wanted to make something for the Rustler/Bandit platform. Stadium trucks are my first RC love and buggies are where it's at in the racing scene so it made perfect sense to see what I could do with this platform.

There were a couple of things about my Slash conversion I really didn't like. The L braces I used to mount the top brace to the chassis were a pain in the rear to manufacture and they let the car flex a bit too much up front. This time around I'm ditching them in favor of some beefy aluminum stand-offs that I can just buy right off of mcmaster-carr. I've also tweaked the side stiffeners so they are more "in-line" with the top brace.

The next major issue I wanted to address was getting the transmission case back in it's stock location. I had to move the transmission case 1/2" forward on the Slash to prevent the spur gear from interfering with the shock tower. It mostly worked, though I still had to modify the shock tower, but it also put the drive shafts at a pretty extreme angle which I just didn't like. My solution this time was to ditch the stock shock tower and redesign it so it's narrower at the base. I also designed a camber mounting plate that puts the camber links further back and prevents them from interfering with anything.

I've been working on this project for a few weeks already but I just machined the new chassis parts today. Check it out, it's already looking awesome!

My biggest decision I still need to make is if I should turn it into a Rustler or a Bandit. I love stadium trucks, but I'd also want to take a buggy to my local astroturf track to race. hmmm....