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    Question What to do after not fully depleting the LiPo after Running? [Charging questions]

    Hello, as the title says what should i do if i do not fully deplete the battery after a run? (I own a 5000mAh 3s Lipo)
    *Can i just store it without any balace or store charging if i'll drive the next day [if i dont have to charge it, how many days can i keep it without a storage or balance charge]? *Should I balance charge it the next day i drive it, or can i just plug it in and drive?
    *What to do if it's fully depleted and i want to run it the very next day? Should i again balance charge or storage charge it or can i just storage it without charging?
    *After I storage charaged the battery and havent used it for like 5 days should I balance charge it to run it.

    Thanks to everyone who helps, I am quite a newbie to the hobby

    PS: If there are any grammar mistakes I am sorry. English is my 2nd language.
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    Here is a link that will provide answers to many of your questions, and batteries
    are first on the list. Check it out. popular-solutions

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