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    Slash Specific Tool Kit?

    I did a search on the forum and found a few good threads on tool kits for the slash, but they they are all 'old' ('10 - '14). Dynamite tools seems to be mentioned a lot, but there is there a specific 'kit' or just pick what we need? Also, has anything changed since '14 - is there a new company/kit available that is better now?

    I have a very good selection of tool currently, but most are not for the these small projects.


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    A lot of us buy the MIP set of hex drivers

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    For screws I went with the Integy ( - I know!) Ti-Nitride Hex Wrench set years ago. The only Integy product I would buy and I have had zero stripped screws or wrenches.

    The other tools that come in handy are the wrenches that come with the vehicle and are specific to the steering and suspension systems.
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    That is the one I have and I love it. Have used it for years with no issues.

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    I have the Dynamite Allen wrenchs ( ) and they are much better than this set:

    The nut drivers from the second set are good though because you can slide them in/out of the handle to change lengths.
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    I too have had really good luck with the Titanium Nitride stuff. You can get a set of 4 on amazon for $13. Mine are by Neewer and work great.

    Iíve gone through 2 of the Dynamite / Traxxas combo kits. Decent but the common 1.5mm and 2mm bits wear our and round out quicker that I think they should.

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