I'm running a HW max 5 / 1100kv motor combo in a X-Maxx. 2 minutes into a run I lost all power ie. motor, servo, cooling fans. Tried different Lipos no change. The only thing working was the ESC power light. Things get kind of interesting for me here.
I installed a spare Max 6 esc and the Traxxas Rx started smoking a soon as I powered on the ESC. Swapped that Rx for a spare Traxxas Rx I had & everything works.? Any idea what would cause an ESC failure AND literally fry the receiver?
FWIW I run 2 x 3s, 5000mah, 25c Traxxas batteries w/ a XT90 to Traxxas battery adapter on the ESC.

PS- I did have the bec set on 5 volts on the ESC.

Any advice is much appreciated.