Hey guys. I bought a used Rustler 4x4 brushes model local a while back, and have been slowly getting parts together to convert to brushless. I finally got all the parts and changed everything out. I also bought a Jimís Bearing set to replace the bearings. So letís start the conversion process!

I started with tearing the rear end apart. I took off the bumper and set it to the side, and proceeded to open up the rear diff case. Yikes. Diff case was so greasy and caked with dirt. Itís a miracle it even ran : /

I take out the rear diff and set it aside, and get to cleaning out that diff case. I pulled out the gear in the back, took out the bearings, and cleaned it out. I didnít manage to take any pics of this process, so youíll have to use your imagination a bit here. But it was horrible. I install the new Jimís Bearings for the VXL spec gear, install new bearings on the VXL diff, and re-installed the diff case and bumper.

Next I pulled out the spur/slipper clutch assembly. I take off the slipper adjustment but and remove everything to put on a new aluminum bearing adapter. Iíve seen too many people say theyíve melted those plastic ones so I went with Traxxas Blue for that part. I reassemble the slipper with the new bearing adapter, and set it aside.

Now Iím at the front end.

I start by removing the bumper and taking out the 4 screws that hold the whole front assembly to the chassis. After I did that, I turned the wheels to take out the screw holding the steering linkage to the servo.

Now with the front end loose from the chassis, I took out the screws for the front diff cover and I just shook my head. It was like the previous owner used dirt as the grease for the front diff. I couldnít believe I test ran this truck before I bought it. It seemed to run fine but I donít see how with both diffs all gunked up. Again I didnít manage to get any pics, my hands were absolutely filthy and I only had one pair of gloves for this project, forgot to get more XD

The new VXL spec diffs and gears for this build.

So I cleaned out the front diff case, never seen anything like it. With it all cleaned out, I installed the new bearings and gear, then the new diff with new bearings as well. I re-install everything and reattached the front end to the chassis.

Next comes the brushless system install. I had a 4s Hobbystar 3660 2400kv motor sitting around thatís paired with a Thunder Tiger EB4 esc. Both work great. Esc is 2-4s capable and runs nice and cool. Motor has plenty of torque and top end speed on 4s, and it also runs pretty cool too. Oh almost forgot, I put a green Traxxas aluminum center drive shaft in too. Looks great so far!

Overall, it was a pretty nice little project for me to convert to VXL spec. It was fun and this thing absolutely rips now. I spent maybe around 100 dollars for all the parts to change from brushed to brushless. Not too bad imo. Though my next purchase will be another body, the one that came with it is a bit beat up. It wonít last much longer. The truck came with some lights installed on it. I googled them and they are sold on ebay, the guy 3D prints LED lights for almost every Traxxas model and a few for different brands. But they sure are bright and look great on the truck!


Whew! Quite a few pictures but there you have it. Brushed Rustler 4x4 is now a Rustler 4x4 VXL. What do you all think? Hope you enjoy my project build as much as I did!

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