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    Best motor to pair with hobbywing 1080

    I fried my titan motor the other day, just wondering if there is a better motor to pair with the hobywing quicrun1080 or should I just order a new titan?

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    Check out holmes hobbies web site
    Very good information as well as great motors.Its good to know what you are looking for in a motor for your application.

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    What kinds of conditions did you run your Titan in, and what maintenance did you do on it?

    If you ran it in mud, sand, and water, and did no maintenance on the motor, there really is no point in buying a better motor, it will fail just as fast with no maintenance.
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    For the cost of a new Titan, I'd suggest checking out Holmes Hobbies.
    The Trailmaster Sport is similar in specs but built much better. If looking for smoother running, the Crawlmaster Sport is great also.

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    What vehicle are you running in?

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