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    Are proline Pro forge wheels worth it?

    I have my eyes set on some aluminum gunmetal gray Proline Pro-Forge fault line rims. they are a bit expensive, $87 dollars for 2, and I need 6 because I'm going to run them on my TRX6. I really like the look though. Are they worth the money for them? I do want to get high-quality metal rims, not plastic because they act like weights and they last longer.
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    Proline's site says they are discontinued.

    I have got to Amazon for wheels, they are inexpensive, and good quality. In particular, check out offerings by RC Lions, they likely have a full set of wheel like what you are looking for at around $40, you'd have to buy two sets for the TRX6. But, you'd have one for a spare tire and you are still at more than half the price of the Proline wheels.

    I used to like Proline, but their prices went through the roof right after scale RCs took off.
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