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    Question Upper spring retainers for hard-coated shocks

    I bought a used Stampede 4x4 off ebay, it has the stock grey plastic shocks up front but the rear shocks are the hard coated (but still non big bore) shocks, looks like the 4760's. The rear shocks are missing the upper spring retainer, and just have a normal spring pre-load spacer stuck on them even though the spacer is made for a shock with a bigger diameter.

    I'm trying to find out what I need to buy to get the proper upper spring retainers for these shocks. 1965 looks like the correct part, but I can't find anything that explicitly states that 1965 is for the hard coated shocks, or the diameter of the shocks or the retainers in 1965. Of course I can measure the diameter of the shocks that I have, but that doesn't help when I can't determine the diameter of the retainers without buying them.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm fairly sure that 1965 is what I need and it's only $2.50 so it won't be a big loss if I have to buy it to find out, but thought I'd ask.

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    Traxxas 1965 is the correct kit for those shocks.

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