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    Brushed 4x4 Speed

    Anyone have any idea what the Rustler 4x4 brushed speed is out of the box with stock battery and parts? I'm debating which car to get (still) and I think the brushed 4x4 version is maybe around 20-25 MPH. Traxxas advertises speed on most models except this one. I'm a little more concerned about speed than any other feature so I'd like to get an idea of what this is out of the box and what I could get with a 2S lipo battery.

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    On the supplied nimh, around 15. On 2s, I think it was around 19. If this is your first 4x4 and you want speed, get the VXL version

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    I agree with rocket man, get VXL. And 3s

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    Spend the extra loot and get the VXL as said. You get more bang for the buck this way. Brushless motor/ESC, better driveline, shocks, and a few other things as well. And the speed will be faster especially on 3s. Also get yourself a good temp gun and a good set of hex drivers. Spend the money now once and you’ll be happy you did in the end. If you have any doubts about what it can do as far as speed and capability, watch some YouTube vids.

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