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    Is a better steering servo worth it?

    like the title says. I've always ran stock no problem, am I missing out on anything?
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    Not really if you are happy with the performance. Upgrading to a faster servo will make the truck feel more responsive but for some it can be too fast and cause early oversteer in turns. In most cases racers are the ones that really benefit from upgrading the servo. Or those who mod their rigs and make them heavier which may stress a stock servo. But if you keep things mostly stock then Traxxas stock servos are good for people.

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    One of my Rustler's first upgrades (actually, it might have been THE first upgrade...I no longer remember) was replacing the Traxxas-branded (since we all know Traxxas doesn't actually manufacture them) servo, and replaced it with a Hitec servo (my servo brand of choice going back to my RC helicopter days). Replacing a servo isn't always about "faster"...with Traxxas vehicles, it's primarily about "stronger" (ie. higher torque), as the installed Traxxas servos tend to be on the "weak" side.

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    With servos I don't think you know what you're missing until you try one.

    They are faster, stronger and more durable. Some people don't like the lightning fast reaction.

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