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    Slash Shocks regrets

    So I always loved the way the Prolines look, and planned on going with those. Then I also researched the big bores and know those are good and half the price. Our shop owner said well yeah I can get you whatever you want but its up to you i mean the big bores are solid.

    Hes a good cat, great track here in Bakersfield, Rainmans, Clay track, building a crawler course too.


    I havnt opened them yet, but now i got them at home, and when I look at them Im like huh whatever looks the same.

    So now im like ok i know they are good, and all i need, but i keep daydreaming of the prolines.

    The GTRs look cool too.

    What do ya think lol?

    Think it will bug me forever lol?

    Im not jumping more than 4 feet i thing gtr is too much.

    Think I should go for the prolines lol, ugh.

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    Soooooooooo anyone? Maybe I should just stick with the big bores....I’m not racing any pros with this 2wd slash set up anyways, pry get an entirely different truck later if I started real deal racing, idk. Sure like the looks of the bling proline and gtr though darn it.

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    The Big Bores should work just fine for general bashing. While not as large as the GTRís and donít have the second spring like the proline shocks do, the big bores will work just fine. You may have to play around with spring rates and shock oil weights, to get what you want out of them, but they should work just fine. Donít think you could tell much difference between them and the others. JMHO.

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    GTRs are the only upgrade I would do. The pro-lines are a gimmick and huge waste of money the big bores are only a more durable solution but the GTR are better in looks, function, and durability.

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    From the research the GTR’s are the way to go when upgrading from the stock ultras. We pound the heck out of our ultras on a backyard track with lots of ripples. Looking at the big bores you don’t gain much over the ultra’s vs moving to the GTR’s. Again this is from research of the tech specs. Have the GTR’s on order for one of our slashes that I just upgraded to brushless. I’ve been slowly upgrading the fleet of ultras with aluminum caps and TiN shafts for durability between servicing.

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