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    Bumper with winch

    I am new to the Traxxas 4 Defender. I am looking for a front metal bumper with a winch.
    Can someone give me some suggestions on which is the best to use.
    I would like something with a remote controller.
    Thank you for any help.

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    The front metal bumper, you have a lot of options. You can pretty much mount any which on a bumper that is winch-supported (has a hole for the winch hook) Other "low profile" bumpers will also be capable of mounting a winch on it, just make sure there's nothing blocking the winch's hook and string from fully extending.
    As for the winch, I would recommend the RC4WD "Warn" 9.5cti 1/10 scale winch. It's very reliable, durable, and powerful, and it has very nice scale details. Buy this from Amain Hobbies for $34.99:

    It doesn't come with a remote, but RC4WD makes a receiver and remote for the winch. I do believe that you can easily link the winch to your receiver box (box with all the wires that's sealed) even as a beginner and have a switch on your RC remote for it, but all of the channels except for the TSM is taken up, and I doubt the TSM notch (the spinning thing next to the steering adjustment notch)will make a good winch controller.
    You can also get the remote on Amain Hobbies for $45.99:

    The combo, in my opinion, is a bit pricey, so I just linked my winch to my receiver box. (I have an aftermarket remote with more channels)
    I don't really suggest buying a whole new remote (those are pretty expensive) unless you were considering getting a new remote anyways.

    My conclusion: Most bumpers will work fine, find one you like and look at the images and reviews to see if it's possible to mount a winch.
    The best option would be to buy the RC4WD Warn winch and buy the remote with it.

    I hope this reply helped!
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    Bumper with winch

    Ebay has a great bumper with lights 9.5 cti winch and controller for less money if your willing to wait a while
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    You'll find lots of bumpers out there. Amazon, Ebay, A main. It all depends on what style your after. Not all bumpers amd winches will mount to each other. careful to make sure the bumper you get will accommodate the winch your getting. But sometimes you can make anything work with some modifications.

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