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    Traxxas dual ID charging Traxxas 5000mAmp 3-cell batteries questions.

    I have watched enough YouTube videos in regards to what happens when LiPo batteries are improperly charged, stored to the point they catch on fire. On the Traxxas Dual chargers, how are they set to storage charge? Also, Iíve watched enough YouTube videos about the use of LiPo charge/storage bags but nothing in the Traxxas dual charger manuals.

    I will be getting the 4D Cat boat next year but Iíve been doing extensive research first.

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    There's a button on the left side of the panel to switch to storage mode.
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    The Traxxas ID batteries have the Balancing leads built into the plug , and the ID Chargers have smart circuitry that detects type of batteries, number of cells etc.
    If you select “storage” setting on a Traxxas ID Charger it should read how many cells and then charge it to approx 3.8V per cell ( the commonly accepted “optimal storage voltage “ for a LiPo .
    I’ve charged 2cell traxxas ID batteries on an ID charger on storage mode before and checked them manual with a volt meter and they have been around 7.6v which is right in line with where it should be ( a fully Charged nominal 2 cell will usually be about 8.4v )

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