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    Missing wheel hub pin

    Has anyone noticed a missing wheel hub pin from the factory?

    Took off the wheels for first time and noticed the front left wheel nut was spinning the axle while holding the wheel still. Found that there was no hex pin.

    I've never lost a pin from a crash but I did have a decent one that broke the front lower control arm (small piece cracked near the pin), snapped only the pin for upper control arm and bent front shock shaft.

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    Full disclosure: I've never driven a UDR.

    Was your broken lower control arm on the front driver's side (left)?

    If so, weird things happen in crashes. I could definitely see plastics flexing under load and the wheel hex moving outward enough to allow that pin to drop out. Then once the load is removed, the wheel hex slides back into place along with other components that weren't flexed beyond their limit.

    I could definitely see a crash hard enough to break an A-arm being hard enough to do something weird like that. Especially when I consider the vehicle was probably flipping and/or spinning around.'s also reasonable to conclude on a Friday at 4:56pm when your UDR was assembled, Traxxas employee Joe Builditfast just plain forgot about it.

    But I bet that crash had something to do with it.

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