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    What happened to all the bodies??

    Picking up a 4-tec after the holidays and I'm looking around kinda building a shopping cart for when I go to buy the vehicle. I noticed like every single 200mm hpi body is discontinued.. anyone know why this is? Been digging deeper and there really isnt a whole lot of stuff for touring cars... unless I'm looking in the wrong places.

    Any help getting a location on a Hawkeye subaru body would be great.

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    HPI has had financial troubles for awhile now. Parts including bodies are almost impossible to find, yet some parts are starting to come back in. I know Tamiya makes a few WRX bodies for touring cars if that is any help.

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    I've had a few HPI bodies in the past so I'm sad to see them difficult/impossible to find nowadays. Still, the Tamiya bodies are a good option. I have to use wheels with a greater offset in the rear to balance it out, but am happy with the results.

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    Look other places. My LHS has 10 different 200mm bodies. Traxxas has some but $$$, other ideas -

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