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Thread: E Revo SUCKS

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    E Revo SUCKS

    There are two great things you can do with your new E Revo 2
    0 you can use it as a oversized doorstop, or take it to the shooting range and use it as a target, that way you get some pleasure out of it.

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    Why such the hateful things about the erevo 2.0? You appear to be disgruntled about having bought one and it not meeting your expectations. Hopefully you checked it over before you ran it. Would like to hear what your issue or issues with the erevo 2.0 are. I know the OG ERBE has issues and that mine became nothing more then a bunch of parts in a box. But the 2.0 appeared to solve many of the issues the original one had.

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    Some people cannot admit that it’s them, not the object of their derision that is the true problem.
    I hope the poster continues to enjoy his n-Revo, but he won’t be posting about it here.
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