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    New Rustler 4x4 vxl brushless! Battery recommendations please?

    Good day all! First post glad to be part of the forums!

    Just as the subject indicates. Bought myself a Christmas present and now looking for recommendation on batteries. I currently have one battery but would like to get a second and if I can upgrade to a three cell and get more speed that would be awesome as well!

    Currently running a 2 cell 5800mah 25c Traxxas Lipo. Looking into 3 cell batteries. What would you all recommend?

    Loving this thing so far. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    No love on your first post. That stinks. Ha. I think all lipos are a crap shoot. I have had identical traxxas 3s lipos, maintained them exactly the same, one puffed one didnít. With that said I think you can try just about any 3s, 5000mah or higher and 25c or higher lipo. Good luck and enjoy. 3s will turn your stampede into a rocket.

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    SMC makes some good lipos. Iíve also heard Gens Ace are not bad. As for the traxxas lipos, they are expensive, but you get a good warranty and the ease of being in the traxxas ecosystem.

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    The 4x4 rustler VXL has a 5.5" battery tray so you can only use short batteries, preferrably if the cables come out the top. This one fits perfect:

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