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    Question Rustler 2WD 7600mah LiPo Battery Fitment

    I'm new to Traxxas & R/C so please don't beat me up too badly. I bought my son (& myself) a Traxxas Rustler 2WD for Christmas. I bought a couple of accessories along with a pair of 7600mah, 2C LiPo batteries and a dual ID charger combo thinking more mah=more run time for my son. But when I started putting it together I discovered that the batteries are too freaking long by a good inch!

    Been running it around by strapping the battery into the car at an angle but it's not a permanent solution as it moves all over. The ONLY way to get these to fit in the car properly is to cut out the forward bulkhead under the XL5 unit to make room. Is there ANY reason why I couldn't or shouldn't do this? It looks like the chassis is designed to fit longer batteries with this bulkhead removed, and my guess is if I put a shorter battery (ie 5800mah) in there, I can just pack the back end with foam to make up the difference.

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    I removed the material under the esc to accommodate longer batteries. Also, when using shorter batteries I place a foam block to take up the space. Haven't had any issues since doing so, i would say you are on the right track. As long as by "bulk head" you are referring to the plastic piece on the chassis under the esc mount.

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