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    Rustler 4x4 vxl or e revo 2.0 or slash 4x4 vxl?

    Hi, i want to get a new rc car but am stuck in a hole with what to get, i will be driving in sandy and hard rocky areas around here in east tx, what is best bang for buck?

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    Rustler 4x4 with upgrades will be amazing But if you have the space for it go bigger E-Revo 2.0 is fast and powerful just a bit bigger than the Rustler 4x4 with awd and an awesome lay-down suspension setup but the E-Revo requires 6s I believe.

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    I think the best bang for the buck is the Rustler, its the most versatile. Any, compared to the Revo, it gets twice the run time for half the batteries.
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    Should we inquire what experience the OP has? The erevo is a beast of a truck and I wouldn't recommend it for someone just starting off in the rc hobby. I have no experience with the rustler 4x4 but it seems close to a slash 4x4 which is easy to work on and maintain. I think the answer depends on knowledge and willingness to dive into a more complex platform.

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