I am so sick of following what Traxxas says to do to with their electronics only to have them go bad during the process. (States it will unlock the powers of the ESC) only to read further and its to disconnect the on/off button..... ??????

I have a relatively new ESC, I receive an email asking to update the firmware on it. I follow the directions and it gets to the end to verify the update was complete and powers off. In the stage before it powered off the 3 red lights were flashing.

When I read the instructions it said that the ESC might power off when completed. So Iím thinking no big deal and power it on. I restart the ESC and all I have it a green light and 3 reds flashing the death signal.

Of course they are close on Saturday. So no one to talk to.

I will be calling first thing Monday. Beyond ****ed off.