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    Worth taking apart 6 Beadlocks for slightly better foams?

    I have proline dual stage 1.9 foams on my TRX6 with proline hyraxs and 6 SSD assassin beadlocks. I was originally going to mount lil nova 1.9 dual stage foams on my hyraxs, but they seemed to big. I ordered proline dual stage foams, but they were also slightly larger than the tire. That's when I realized that they were supposed to be slightly larger. I never got to return the lil nova foams. I've heard that they were slightly better than the proline foams. My proline foams have been in my car for 3 weeks now.

    Is it worth taking apart 6 beadlock wheels with 8 screws each with a slightly stripped driver (its been used to the point it's beginning to lose grip) and replacing them with slightly better foams?

    im not too much of a performance guy, but I would like my crawler to crawl better.
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    It's worth it to invest in better drivers! Then you dont have to worry about taking your wheels apart and trying different foams, or anything else for that matter.

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