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    New owner fell out of the sky

    Hello all, new owner here.
    Second flight yesterday, had only flown it for 10 minutes from a full charge, climbed to about 70 ft, then my Aton + just shut down and fell, smashed into the ground breaking off two arms and cracking the upper and lower body, sending it in to see what the issue was and they said they should either be able to repair or replace.
    Glad i didnt have the gimbal or a camera on it.

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    I'm sorry, but I have to say this ....... How did the owner fall out of the sky!
    Bill Randall
    Perth, Western Australia

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    Happened to me once as well. She just lost all power and fell out of the sky. Cause: I had not fully seated the battery. Make sure your battery plug is pushed in all the way!

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