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    A good while ago I had a conversation about a the Trx-6 with a employee on the Traxxas chat when I threw out the idea of a Ford Velociraptor body for the 6x6 and he said that a few guys at the office loved that idea and had pitched it to the team. That was back when the Trx-6 platform had just been released so I guess we will have to wait and see if they could get licencing.

    Here is the Velociraptor if you guys haven't seen it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danielhr77 View Post
    Hey Guys,

    This is my Snap-On collection. I also got the 6x6 hauler truck. They are so cool!

    Hope you like them...


    Those are cool. Of that collection, I really want the 6x6 and the Eliminator. I would like to print up some vinal and give the Eliminator the same look as the ZZ Top Eliminator. The truck is cool, but never have been a fan of Vets. Sadly, with all of the other toys I have right now, I cannot justify the price of those.
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    Yeah, they weren't cheap, 3k for all four, but I had to have them... I also have the white Snap-On X-Maxx tool truck... To be completely honest, I just love the lights on them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamRevoMaster View Post
    Front looks like the 599xx (Onyx, Asphalt 9? :P) But the back really reminds me of the Bullet from GTAV. Just the way the back slopes down, now I want to make that body. Also, what is all this stuff about snap on n stuff? I'm so confused.

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