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Thread: FAA remote ID

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    FAA remote ID

    Anyone get an email from the FAA about new rules being considered? Remote ID seems the big one. Still reading this to understand what it will cost us drone flyers.

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    I know this ain't the correct answer but, I never did register mine when they started registration a couple years ago. My reasoning was that if I did register and was doing nothing wrong, but someone nearby who had not registered was flying and acting a fool, that I would be the one getting the visit by the Po-Po. Not that I do any illegal activities on my property, it's just that I don't want unexpected visits by the authorities. I feel this is kind of like the gun registration laws, whereas they don't stop criminal activity. I can see regulations for commercial based drone operators and such, but not for routine recreational flyers. Honestly, I think this proposal is just another form of government revenue enhancement.

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