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    Using Traxxas Ez-peak charger and non-traxxas battery. Question about 'fast' charging

    So I bought a couple youme power 5200mAh 50C lipo batteries for my son. We have the EZ-Peak charger.

    I removed the front plate, and I plug in the battery (it uses the trx plug) and insert the white balance connection (I think that is what it's called).

    I do the mode in which it will recognize a non traxxas battery is connected. I originally was trying to charge it on balance mode, and each time I would start it...the 1 and 4 lights would blink, indicating something wasn't being read right.

    Today, I tried 'fast' charging mode...set it to 3a, and started it....and it's working. The battery was at the 1 light on charge, so I assume it was pretty much dead.... is this why the balance mode wasn't working? Or in the case of a non traxxas battery, is fast charging appropriate?

    Just trying to make heads/tails of this situation.


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    One should always balance charge lipo batteries! With that being said did you look at the chargers manual to see what the blinking 1 and 4 light means?

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    I do not know your battery enough to say for certain, but most Lipos are safely charged at 1 or even 2 c, so anywhere from 5-10a.

    I balance charge most of mine at 6a, no fires so far. I have the dual version of your charger.

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